Monday, July 23, 2007

things i love

tylenol pm... you are my friend. You make me feel drunk with in 30 minutes. you let me sleep forever and ever and ever. I love you tylenol pm. you are my best friend. (not really, don't panic!)

I also love sharpies. I bought 24 more today. Why? I dunno. I have a shoe box full of them...and a canister full of them... and another canister full at school... I have problems.

the end.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

When it rains... it pours...

Everyone has had "one of those days" but this is my blog and I want to whine about my day... well, my yester-day, but I didn't have the energy to sum it all up last night. That and I feared that if I began to write about it, something else would happen.

Started out me going to pick up the boys and take them downtown to this kids art in the park thing that they do every Wednesday during the summers here. The younger boy immediately started whining about how he didn't want to go blah blah blah. Pouting in the garage sitting against the wall and just being a brat overall... super. John calls me on our way to tell me that AJ puked up his guts and some of the rawhide from last night.

So we go downtown, park in a parking garage and start heading to the park, except we end up at the capitol. Excuse me officer, is Red River this way... or behind me. Yeah, it's behind you... quite a few blocks too. Awesome, thanks. So, we walk back the way we came and then some more until we get to our destination. Me constantly having to tell the pouting child to keep up with us. They have this nerdy dude playing kid songs and a concert and story time and face painting and popcicles and Blue Bell hats and crafts and more music and it was awesome. As we are walking away, the boys say thanks for bringing us here today! WHAT??? wow. I'm impressed. But the pouty child starts to whine about his shoe hurting his foot. He's wearing crocs... are they even physically capable of causing pain??

So we get our lunches and go eat in Waterloo park, that goes fine, we finish up, toss our trash and head to the playscape. I see a man walking towards us so, I try to veer off to the side to avoid his path. That doesn't work. He asks, Excuse me ma'am I saw you were here eating lunch in the park and I was wondering if you happened to have any leftovers. I say, oh, no i'm sorry, we ate everything. Then I have to tell the pouty child to keep up with us. (he's now about 10 feet behind me)
The homeless dude starts muttering some shit "don't have to pee in your pants... blah blah blah... just hungry" I was like Sir, I said we ate all of our lunch, I'm sorry, but we don't have anything else. He YELLS AT ME!!!! I'm not talking about that anymore! I'm saying you don't have to pee in your pants and make sure your kid is right there. You don't have to panic! Some people have and some people don't... I'm homeless I'm not a criminal. I said, I'm not panicking... he's being slow, I want him to keep up. What I didn't say was I work 3 fucking jobs, so don't talk to me about having and not having... the reason I have is because I bust my fucking ass. These aren't my kids and I'm trying to not lose them even if I would sell that one to you for $5. ugh. I was pissed, so we left without going to the playscape.

Later that afternoon, we went to the pool and as soon as I sat down with the newest copy of People, a damn tornado (not really, but close) comes ripping through the area. Came out of nowhere! So we run to the car and start to head back to their house. As I'm driving 30 mph through the town in the rain, I notice some kids on bikes riding down one of the 2 main streets in this town. One of the three kids has a helmet on. One of the other two whips his bike directly in front of my car. I have to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting him. Brakes screaming, tires sliding and squealing on the wet roads and the dumb fucking kid just stares at me slack jawed like oh shit did that just happen????????? yes you stupid little twit, it did.

We make it back to the kids' house where they immediately run inside and tell their dad how I almost hit a kid on a bike. Uh... yeah, not my fault though... I have to clarify. I still had an hour left in my day by this point and the kids went on super asshole mode and I wanted to strangle them, but opted to not. I left their house, twitching and in need of a strong drink.

Got back to my house, made a drink, settled down at my craft desk with big plans of working on school stuff. Except the hacked version of office 07 that was recently put on my computer had other plans... couldn't do shit with my computer. Super.

Change of plans, I decide to make school stuff w/out the use of my computer and 10 minutes later I realize that AJ is passed out in the stairs looking sad enough to cry alligator tears. Hmm... with lots of sweet talking, I convince him to come upstairs with me. He flops down on the floor near me and Kirby comes up and starts to nuzzle up against AJ. and here's where it got scary... AJ let him.... So, I paged the vet. By this time it is 9pm, he calls back, I tell him AJ's symptoms and he says well, it could be some bacteria from the rawhide or it could be that his intestines are twisted and he'll need to have emergency surgery. I can't tell you for sure until I see him.

John of course is gone, so I called a neighbor to see if she could watch Kirby while I was gone, but she didn't answer, so I had to load up both dogs. AJ wouldn't even get into the car. I had to pick his fat butt up and put him in the car. The whole way there Kirby wouldn't mess with him, AJ was being really quiet and just had that sick dog smell about him.

We get to the vet and I'm trying to lift AJ out of the car, Kirby jumps over my head and runs through the parking lot like the wild banshee he is. I finally get him back into the car and AJ out of the car and into the office.

Here's the "good" part of the day. AJ didn't have to have surgery :) just a mild case of food poisoning. We got him some antibiotics etc. etc. I'm out of there in about 45 minutes and I soon realize that in my haste of controlling asshole dogs, I'd left my headlights on. Sure enough, the battery was dead.

I couldn't even curse anymore. I was so damn irritated, but I hang my head and go back into the office to ask the dr. if he has jumper cables. Nope. So, I have to call John to come out there and meet me 30 minutes away to jump start my car. We get home around 11:30 and I wanted so badly to just collapse into bed.

That didn't quite happen, AJ was being a sad sack and refused to get out of the car. I don't know what it is about that dog, but seeing him not feeling well makes me want to die. I tried to pass out once we finally got him out of the car, but I woke up every couple of hours worrying about him.

ugh. it is nearly 24 hours later and I'm having another drink. still trying to recover. I didn't even get out of my pajamas today... and yes, I did go to work.... in my pajamas.