Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Holy Smokes!

I started out strong packing in March, but I've slowed down greatly. We've been so busy with the thought and process of buying a house that I feel I've really slacked in the packing for the new house department. But then again, it is getting to the stage where it is hard to pack b/c everything is put away. All that is left out we'll be using. Well, not really, I could definitely do more. In fact I will do more... soon. Tonight perhaps. I've packed half of a box today and cleaned the top of the stove and fridge, both disgusting chores that made me want to shower.

Well, we should be closing on the new house on the 9th or so. That's the tentative date they gave us a week ago. You know, when we switched from buying the reasonable, starter home to buying the awesome much larger home next door.We had our first walk through today. There were only minor things that needed to be fixed, chips in paint, etc. Our realtor said that we might even be able to close before the 9th. It is all in the hands of the loan office and the building supervisor at this point.

It feels good to know that we'll be able to stay in this house for a long time, like until we're really adults and stuff.

Pretty fancy. This house buying process has been a trip. I can't begin to tell you the emotional attachment you can form in minutes... with a damn building at that! Anyway, I should go be productive if I ever want to actually live in this place.