Monday, December 29, 2008

I shouldn't laugh alone

So, we went to Midland for a couple of days after x-mas and rather than sitting in the cigar bar that only serves beer and wine (yes, that is my own personal hell - smoke filled room with nothing for me to drink) I stayed in the hotel room while John hung out with some high school friends.

I vowed to work on wedding stuff but instead just farted around on the internet and found this ridiculous comedy skit that apparently comes on once a week on fake "internet" tv. I don't know... anyway, I thought I would share the link so other people might know what I'm laughing at.

Check it out here

Be sure to see the one on jewelry and weddings. Finding these videos definitely counts as "working on wedding stuff"

Monday, December 22, 2008

every year

Every year... I wait until the last minute to buy christmas presents. This year has got to be the absolute worst. We are leaving town tomorrow and I'm just now going out to get stuff. 1pm 3 days before Christmas...

At least I have SOME ideas of what to get people.

when all else fails... booze.

ok off to dry my hair, because god forbid my hair frizzes while I shop like a mad woman!