Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I don't have kids... and I've never been a victim of identity theft, but seriously... some people are RIDICULOUS!

We had our Kinder registration today and I'm standing around praying, Dear God (that I don't believe is really there, but there's no one else to talk to so why not...) Please don't let these parents have anything to ask me. Please don't let them care... let me go home...

I see this wild banshee (is that a word?) of a child covered in fake tattoos running around. Now, I'm not one to talk trash about tattoos, I have a couple myself, but this demon spawn was honestly running through the cafeteria full blast pulling his shirt over his head to show the principal his stripes of fake tattoos all over his chest and stomach. Wow... flag that one for a "NOT in My Class."

Then I see his mom talking to our nurse... the final step to registration. And I see our nurse's face tighten up as though she's holding back. I tried to eavesdrop but all I can hear is something about his SSN. Oh god, she's one of those parents. The one who is afraid that someone is going to sneak into the school via the internet connection in our classroom and snatch their child up and run them to Mexico to be a sex slave. But then she continues talking about how she's a very active parent and wants to be really involved in the classroom and yadda yadda yadda...

So... I wait until they are finished (20 minutes) and as the nurse is highlighting the kid's name on his folder, I ask what that was all about... Mom doesn't want to give the school the kid's SSN... she wants us to issue him a state id number for them to use to keep track of him. Whatever, paranoia... oh but it gets better... she also requested that if the number that is issued to him contains the number 666 he will need to be issued another number.

Well... if she's afraid of the devil, she probably won't have a problem with us doing Christmas shit in class... Halloween... that will be a different story.


Jamie said...

OMG, that kid is totally going to be in your class. You jinxed yourself.