Friday, August 03, 2007

I may not believe in god, but...

I'm not a dirty whore with drunken slutty pictures all over my myspace.
I don't eat babies.
I don't treat people like shit (as a general rule, sometimes people need it)
I don't claim to be better than anyone or try to convince people to believe the same exact way that I do or else tell them that they will burn eternally (nice one Christians... .I really like the fear factor)
I do have morals.
I am honest.
I stand up for the things that make sense.
I am not the cause of chaos in our society.
I can show a child how to behave and treat others nicely without giving him the eternal damnation speech.
I may not like goats, but that doesn't mean I make sacrifices with them.
I believe that two people can be committed to each other fully despite a lack of a watchful eye peering into their lives.... this leaves room for even (insert scary music) gay people to get married!!! (shocker I know)

Basically I can do what I'm "supposed" to do in this world to make it less of a crazy chaotic cesspool with out fearing for my afterlife. I do all these things DESPITE religion, not because of it.

John brought to my attention a blog on a myspace page about god loves me because of this, i'm not strong, i trust in god yadda yadda yadda. Another person posted saying that he doesn't understand how non-believers can find "piece" in their lives in light of the VT shooting. Well, I'll tell you I find "piece" by looking at the whole.

Oddly that makes sense... I don't believe that god had some master plan for all the people who died that day. I don't think he sat down and said I need Sue, Joe, Bob, etc. today.... I could take them in their sleep, but instead I'll make this one kid go crazy and shoot them all up. Great choice, I'll get right on that. With this theory, god's master plan for the shooter was for him to be a nut job who goes and kills a bunch of people. Does he get forgiven for doing "god's work" I mean, god did want them back in heaven right? This is how god planned to get them there. Should the shooter be allowed to roam the streets like an average citizen because "god has a plan for him?'" His plan just happened to be to kill a bunch of kids at college.

To me, it makes more sense to look at the whole picture. The kid was crazy. The kid was not a good person, he went nuts and killed people. Put him in jail, give him some psych drugs and let him be a monetary burden on our society until he croaks naturally or gets beaten to death by some other fine upstanding citizen in jail.

Some people are nuts. Others are not. I don't need a god to tell me I'm not nuts.

ok john just told me the shooter guy killed himself. well shit. i didn't know that. maybe i'll be a christian after all. that changes everything. and completely invalidates my points. i'm off to pray.


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Jamie said...

Oh, read this blog. He's brilliant.

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Love it!