Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Something I probably shouldn't be happy about

ok so I'm the newbie at my job. The last person hired on my team was hired 7 years ago.... so when I found out that my district was opening a new school next year, it was understood that I would be the first to go.

Not that I liked that.

I love my team, we are nothing alike, but we have so much fun. Generally when I can leave early, I don't, because I'm in someone else's classroom BSing for an hour.

So, a month or so ago they redistricted the school and we found out that we would be losing a teacher at my grade level. Fine... I'll go...

I'd been thinking about how much it is going to suck and how I'd miss seeing my teammates. Last night I was thinking well... if we go to KToT (yeah, that's Kindergarten Teachers of Texas... I'm cool, you're jealous) next year, maybe I'll still stay with them. Would that be mean to my new team? Do I care? Nah....

I got to school a little bit early today in anticipation of a new student. Who home schools their kindergartener only to enroll him in public school in late March????? The principal comes over the loudspeaker and tells us to check our e-mails right away. Aww man, we must have a meeting or something or maybe a fire drill...

But no, lo and behold it is a letter from the superintendent saying that construction has been delayed on the new school and it will not be opening for another year! I GET TO STAY!!!!!!! I immediately forwarded it to my mom, John and Jamie, who have all listened to me whine about how much I don't want to leave. Then I hear KRUUUUUUUUUUUUUPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Yelled down the hallway. It was my team leader who came running down the hall to hug me after she read it. We all met out in the hallway and jumped up and down and got giddy and excited!

It was complete cheese. But I loved it!


Jamie said...

I'm so happy for you. Any openings?