Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Damn Television

ABC has this show called What Would You Do?

Here's my answer... I'd kill a bitch.

they set up all these social experiments and see how people react to them like a dude putting some sort of drug in his date's drink, cutting in line at the grocery store with 400 items etc.

Then tonight, they put a "baby" in a hot, locked car. They used a doll of course, but people got pretty riled up called the police etc. Then they show what's coming up next... a golden retriever in a car. First of all, that sure doesn't look like a fake golden, so these abc folks had better show me a hidden air conditioner pretty quick. Secondly... DON'T MESS WITH THE PUPPIES. Or the babies.

I'm pretty sure I'll end up on this show at some point in my life. But it might not be really this show. It might just be me beating the crap out of some ignorant person who has pissed me off.

BE NICE PEOPLE! Or I will hurt you.

ps... is that not THE saddest dog picture you've ever seen?


Dana said...

I think you should work for Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Jamie said...

That sounds like a Fox show. ABC must be confused.

I love how you put DOG in all caps and added babies on as a rider. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

There was an portable a/c in there with the dog.

jmk said...

Yeah, I meant to update to say that there was a trainer and an AC unit in the car. Thanks for calming my insane fear of hurting dogs!