Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Getting old and feeling accomplished

First off, there is no reason why the things I'm about to tell you about should be in the same post, but I'm lazy. So, pretend that I wrote one the other day and then wrote another one today.

John and I have a new game called "You know how I know we're old?" very similar to "You know how I know you're gay?" from 40 year old virgin (WATCH IT JAMIE! Then give it back, i want to watch it again!). I don't know when 25 became the new 65, but I sure feel like a senior citizen these days. Granted I will be 26 in a very short time, but still, I shouldn't be thinking things like Ohhh, it's almost 10pm I'd better get up stairs and get to bed... but first let me turn on the news to check the weather. WTF? Forget turning into my mother, I've turned into my Nana! And then there's the short term memory loss. For example, I had planned on writing about another example of how old I am, but now I've forgotten....

Oh! I've got it, I'm suddenly becoming paranoid. I caught myself nearly running to my car and jumping in and locking the doors to avoid an unseen monster in the parking lot at school the other evening. And we all know I don't work in a bad neighborhood. I'm constantly worried about the door being it really matters, we have a glass door. I can see the "bad guys" now. Arg (cause they are pirates) There's that girl all alone sitting on her couch watching CSI again, let's bust in there and attack her and steal all of her maxed out credit cards!!!! [then they try the locked door] Damn! foiled again! If only we had the strength or smarts to get through this tricky glass....

Part 2:

Sometimes I feel like maybe.. just maybe... I'm a good teacher. There's this cute as hell boy in my class, stocky little thing who will interrupt the lesson to say "Hey Miss Krupa... I'm a funny guy right??" Yes little A, you are. The kinda kid who could take out my whole class in an instant football style, but he's got three sisters, so he's really the most sensitive creature in the world. Everytime he gets his feelings hurt, he cries and I have to buy him a pony.

Well, when he first came to school, he knew only a few letters, not even all of the ones in his name (he only has 6 letters) and one letter sound. I was scared at the parent teacher conference because it was the first conference where I couldn't BS my way through it by saying oh yeah, he's doing fine... just keep reading. This kid needed help. I planned for the worst, I mean, he's got 4 kids in his family, not sure how active the parents are etc. but it went well, his parents (yes, both mom and dad showed up) assured me that they would use the info I gave them and help him each day. So, here we are, 2 and a half months later, he's recognizing sight words, knows his letters AND sounds, can put sounds together and break them apart etc. etc. etc. He's one of the most inquisitive kids in the bunch. Today it dawned on me that, no, it isn't only because of me that he is successful, but it is partly because of me...and with that I will sleep well tonight.


Jamie said...

I watched it. You were right, it was hilarious! Now I need to watch that other one that you always talk about. Something about a lamp?

I have those days where I feel that I am an almost competent teacher too. Then I look at the women around me and am brought back to reality.

John said...

re: part 2: you're an artist and the mind is your medium.