Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Life should include somethings

I paid a lot of money for my car. I am still paying. This month will mark the half way point of my six year loan. I paid nearly as much for my car as I did for my college education. Which brings me to (a lot of debt) my point: life should come with certain things. I'm not saying that I should be given a car, a monstrosity (is that a real word?) of a house, but the fact that I have to buy new tires for this car just PISSES me off! Sure, I have over 66k miles on the tires that are on the car, but damnit. Hello?? Didn't that come included in the purchase price?? It isn't like I can live with out these tires. I NEED them. I'm currently working on my 3rd week of driving around with out a spare. The "spare" is on the car and the 4th wheel is sitting in the garage with a big fat screw in it. The tires are as bald as my brother's head. Meaning, there is some tread (hair) there, but not enough to matter so I might as well just shave the tires like he shaves his head.

With my road rage, I need quality tires. Just this morning, I peeled out, squealed the tires and almost flipped the car and that was with in two blocks of the house.

**side note to the bastard who would NOT scoot his car 4 inches up so I could fit by him and make it into the turning lane - I sat and watched the turn light change to green and then had to sit and wait...and wait... and give the death stare to you, bastard man, in your side mirror... proceed to throwing hands up, yelling and eventual getting to move forward. I had no choice but to then drive like an asshole to make up for 30 seconds of travel time lost. I HATE YOU! I NEARLY DIED AND IT WOULD HAVE BEEN YOUR FAULT!

So, I will leave work right after school tomorrow and head to discount tire. Pay $500 + for new tires, but I will not agree with the process. Until this world changes into a place where things "make sense," people will continue to participate in this sham not because we support the issue, but because we have no choice.

FYI The only other thing that I feel should be on the list of items I feel we shouldn't honestly have to pay for: Tampons.


Jamie said...

10-4 to the tampons. If men had a period, they'd be free....and available in camouflage.

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Jamie said...

Oh, Krupa! You can make good cash! Do it, do it, do it!